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Super integrations
for ticketing platforms

Our solutions are designed to integrate easily with your current platform. All types of ticketing companies use menta to increase their profitability.


A suite of solutions
designed only for ticketing platforms

Integrate menta into your ticketing platform, it respects your brand, blends with current workflows, and offers key benefits: your own integrated secondary market, secure ticketing, and an enhanced control panel for inventory management.

logo SuperSwap (mercado secundario integrado para boleteras) por menta tech

Your own secondary market, inside your ticketing platform

Offer your users the advantage of a secondary market directly in your box office. Buying and selling tickets becomes a secure experience.

Logo Ticket Shield, integración de menta tech que aumenta la seguridad y robustez de los tickets de boleteras

Your tickets, now smarter

Empower your current tickets: greater security, control, improved design and the ability to share them. All this, without interfering with your core business operations.

Logo de GDS, el sistema de distribución global de tickets de menta tech

Maximum distribution

Your tickets go where they've never gone before. Sell everything, effortlessly.

Ilustración haciendo referencia a el aumento de ingresos para las boleteras con las integraciones de menta tech

Increase your revenue

Generate new sources of income that boost your business.

Ilustración haciendo referencia a la reduccion de costos que las integraciones de menta tech logran para boleteras

Reduce your costs

Minimize fraud rates, manual and operational work.

Ilustración haciendo referencia a las integraciones modularizadas para boleteras de menta tech

100% Modular solutions

Customize our products to meet your business needs.

Ilustración de unas estrellas haciendo referencia a las nuevas oportunidades para boleteras que obtienen con las integraciones de menta tech

New opportunities

menta's ecosystem grows every day with new solutions and businesses for your ticketing platform.

Diseñado para desarrolladores

Fast and easy integration

Ilustración de figuras mostrando la fuerte adaptabilidad de las integraciones de menta tech con los distintos sistemas de las boleteras

menta adapts with any programming language

Ilustración haciendo referencia a que las integraciones de menta tech no interfieren con los sistemas de las boleteras

No interference with your current operations

Ilustración haciendo referencia a que en menta tech atendemos cualquier situación las 24hs

24/7 Of always ready support

Ilustración haciendo referencia a como las integraciones de menta tech potencian boleteras

We don't replace your system, we enhance it

Ilustración de una llama haciendo referencia a la alta demanda

We are equipped to handle any type of demand


SDK for javascripta and Typescript

HTTP API for other languages

Our technology team at your side

We live and breathe technology. We have many years of experience in the best known technology companies in the world.

Why menta ?

At menta, we firmly believe that the best way to drive the entertainment industry forward is by working together.

For this reason, we develop infrastructure solutions that allow everyone to use the superpowers that menta offers.

Backed by:

We find the perfect partner for your business

We partner with world-class companies to propel you forward and help you meet any need you may have.

Ilustración haciendo referencia a construcción de boleteras

Ticketing builders

Have your own ticketing system from scratch, adjusted to your specific needs, at the best price.

Ilustración haciendo referencia a la generación de mapas de seating para boleteras en menta tech

Map generation

Creation of 3D or 2D maps of any venue so that your customers can select their seats and increase sales.

Across the Americas

We are transforming the ticketing ecosystem from Anchorage to Ushuaia.

Fondo de pagina, que hace referencia a la conexión que menta tech le da a las boleteras con latinoamérica

Do you have questions?​

We are a company that provides modular technological solutions to ticketing companies so that they can offer new functionalities and benefits to their own customers.

For now, we offer 3 products: SuperSwap, TicketShield and GDS . Each one, gives you different superpowers. For all the rest, we have our Ecosystem 🙂

The average time is 5 days.

Network Services is a group of allies that can help you with any other needs you have that we cannot cover.

Every ticketing platform is its own world and therefore we offer different types of business models to make menta a no-brainer.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to give your ticketing platform superpowers get in touch with us. We'll be able to answer all of your questions and you'll increase the profitability and security of your ticketing platform, today.