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November 30th, 2023

Interview with Juan Pablo Santa María in "Radiofónicos en vivo"

Juan Pablo Santa María, our commercial director, was honored to be invited to be interviewed on the podcast "Radiofónicos en vivo".



On Thursday, October 26, Juan Pablo Santa María, our commercial director, had the honor of being invited to be interviewed on the podcast “Radiofónicos en vivo»This media outlet stands out for presenting a variety of thematic panels and, on this occasion, Juan Pablo participated in the technology panel called "Mashup". The focus of Felipe Rossi, responsible for this segment, was on discovering what makes menta unique compared to other Argentinean startups and understanding the impact of our solutions on end users.

You can listen to it below starting at minute 16:35, with a total duration of 15 minutes. You can also listen to the transcript below.

To break the ice a little... What is menta?

It is an Argentine startup like many others in the market, but with a clear and different objective. We seek to revolutionize the entertainment industry with a focus on ticketing and cutting-edge technology. The ticketing industry has lagged a bit behind compared to other emerging industries such as Fintech, Insurtech, Legaltech and Artech. In the ticketing space, we see a lot of room for innovation. 

Basically, we developed a technological infrastructure for ticket offices that allows them to access a variety of innovative functionalities, such as greater ticket security and, most innovative of all, an official and secure secondary market, within the same ticket office. This means that people who cannot attend an event have the possibility to sell their tickets to other people in a transparent, simple way, all within the ticketing platform, thus providing a high level of security.

-How did the idea for menta come about?

The idea was born from the conjunction of three factors... 

First, the deep knowledge of the industry and its problems. Iñaki Sanchez Lopez, our CEO and one of the founders, comes from the music industry, was a producer of great musicians and was involved in the events industry. He perceived very clearly the problems of security and lack of traceability of tickets that affected the industry at that time. 

The second factor is the entrepreneurial spirit; all of us at menta have this spirit and the conviction that we can change this reality. 

The last factor is friendship; at menta we are friends and share a deep sense of camaraderie that helps us overcome the challenges we face in this industry with passion and conviction.

Fundadores de menta tech, Iñaki Sanchez Lopez, Anselmo Sanchez Lopez, Tomas Cazes, Tomas Burrieza, Juan Pablo Santa María.

-What types of events do you usually develop? What is the most important one you are working on?

Security and secondary market issues occur in all types of events, there are always people who cannot or do not want to attend, so there is always someone who wants to sell their ticket. Currently, we work mainly with events of less than 5,000 attendees with the box offices we collaborate with. You see transactions in these secondary markets, but starting in November we are going to start working with box offices that handle larger events.

-Is it possible to know which box offices you are currently working with?

We are collaborating with different ticketing companies throughout LATAM. We keep the names confidential because they have not yet been announced publicly, but if you follow us on LinkedIn and social networks, you will be able to see when we announce these new collaborations.

-How did you manage to get in touch with these box offices and work together with them?

We started from an interesting knowledge of the industry, knowing which are the most important players. Luckily, we had prior knowledge to get to talk to them. When this agenda was exhausted, we implemented a rigorous sales process, identifying potential customers through any online media and building trusting relationships with them. Today we have many customers and this pipeline of potential customers is extensive. I thank my team for the excellent work done.

-Tell us... How is the mint team made up?

Hoy somos 13 personas, pero el equipo está en crecimiento debido al impulso comercial que hemos tenido. Nos dividimos en 4 grandes áreas: el área comercial, donde estoy yo junto con personas licenciadas en marketing; el área de diseño, que nos ayuda a atraer fácilmente a nuestros clientes con contenidos atractivos; el área de producto, liderada por dos ingenieros encargados de idear soluciones y pensar en sus funcionalidades para luego ejecutarlas; y un área de tecnología, encargada de construir estas ideas y soluciones, con un equipo dedicado al front end y backend. Pueden encontrar mas about us on our website.

-Do you plan to expand the borders to other countries?

We are definitely available in all Latin American countries and we already have clients integrated and in the process of integration. Our product is highly scalable, and our solution is designed so that any ticketing company can use it easily.

-Tell us a little bit about the dynamics of the application... How do you promote its reach to new users?

It is important to clarify that we are a 100% B2B company, actually B2B2C. We provide the technology to the box office so that their users can use it. We do not have a direct community with the users, but they come through the box offices that decide to be partners of Menta.

Users will find these new features when managing their tickets. For example, if you bought a ticket from a box office that uses menta's services, you will probably see the sell button inside your ticket; and if you are a user who wants to buy a ticket from a box office associated with us, you will find functionalities that will allow you to access this secondary market.

-How long have you been operating?

We have been operating for approximately two years. Our project began in January of last year, where our idea and team began to take shape, and we incorporated new talents. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

-Have you seen any major growth in these two years of operation?

We saw significant growth this year. The first year was about learning and developing the solution. This year we consolidated the product and started selling it. From the time we started sales until now, the company's commercial growth has been phenomenal. There is no other company that offers what we do directly, and although we have indirect competitors, our way of partnering with the box office and our infrastructure and integration model is unique.

This has been very attractive for the box office in Latin America and we believe it will be for the rest of the world.

-Do you have an estimated number of users to date?

I don't have that number handy, but it is high. Every time a person buys a ticket from the secondary market or from the primary sale they are using mint. Every user that uses a ticketing system that works with Mint is, in a way, a user that goes through our solution.

-Is the resale market and ticket security competitive?

It's a market where there is a lot to do and a lot to innovate. We don't see many direct competitors doing what we do. Some ticketing systems incorporate resale functionalities, some more basic than others. We do not rule out that these companies will be Menta customers in the future, as they are companies with a broad development roadmap and security in the secondary market is very complex. We believe they will eventually join us.
(End of interview)

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