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November 30th, 2023

Innovation and security stories in ticketing

The world of ticketing is full of untold stories. Every QR code hides a narrative of technology and security.



The world of ticketing is full of untold stories, challenges and innovative solutions. Every QR code hides a narrative of technology, security and user experience. We know that not securing a ticket in QR code format at any event can become a catastrophe for ticketing companies, event organizers and, most importantly, attendees.

To understand this in depth, let's look at how blocking these QR codes is transforming the industry.

The challenge of resale and innovative response

Imagine a massive concert, where the excitement is overshadowed by the uncertainty of uncontrolled scalping. Stories of fans who have lost the chance to see their favorite artist because they bought scalped tickets that turned out to be counterfeit. This is where technology steps in, offering solutions to close the door on fraudulent practices and allowing the true magic of the event to shine through.

The world of experiences starts from the first communication of an event until years after the event. But to enjoy this content, you first have to enter the event.


Happy users: The true value of a ticket

Memories of an event should not be tainted by negative experiences. The implementation of technologies that ensure the authenticity of each entry translates into satisfied users, who do not hesitate to share their positive experiences.

Being able to attend an event with the peace of mind that your ticket is 100% real, regardless of how you purchased it, is a reality that should be seen more often. That's why tools like TicketShield are a competitive advantage for ticketing companies, in addition to offering peace of mind to their buyers.

Maximizing Profits: Beyond Ticket Sales

In the world of events, every ticket counts. Efficient revenue management is crucial. By adopting solutions that enable resale control, organizers not only protect their investment, but also open up new monetization opportunities, keeping the revenue stream within a controlled and secure framework.

The blocking of QRs is the first step for ticket agents to gain control of resale, establishing a safe and responsible marketplace where users have greater freedom and options to dispose of a ticket they eventually cannot or do not want to use.

What is QR code locking?

QR code locking refers to a temporary security measure applied to electronic tickets. This feature keeps the QR code on the ticket inactive until a few hours before the event. This procedure gives ticket sellers greater control over resale and significantly reduces the risks of fraud linked to early ticket resale. This narrows the window of opportunity for uncontrolled resale, increasing the security of users against fraudulent activities.


Innovation and security: The road to the future

The ticketing industry is constantly evolving. Technology solutions that are integrated to improve security and user experience are a testament to innovation in action.

From platforms that integrate secure secondary markets to systems that guarantee the uniqueness of each ticket, technology is redefining what it means to "attend an event". Innovation has always brought uncertainty, digitalization has always brought relevant changes, and digital ticketing has always brought problems, all in a very short period of time.

When it comes to reinforcing user confidence, you should not hesitate to invest in security, because as we all know, once confidence is lost, there is nothing left.

Weaving success stories in ticketing

Every event is a story in itself, and the way tickets are managed is a fundamental part of that narrative. In the search for solutions that offer peace of mind, security and an unparalleled user experience, the ticketing industry is writing new chapters of innovation and success.

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