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November 30th, 2023

The Evolution of Tickets

The ticket, that passport to adventure, culture, and entertainment, has been both a witness to and a protagonist in an unprecedented transformation.


The Journey of Ticketing Through Time

From the earliest theatrical performances in ancient Greece to modern digital festivals, the ticket has evolved from a simple piece of paper to a symbol of technological innovation. This evolution reflects our constant pursuit of security, efficiency, and, above all, an unmatched user experience.

From Stone Carving to Printing: The Beginnings of Ticketing

Event tickets have played a crucial role in human history. The tickets to the Olympic Games in ancient Greece were, in fact, pieces of pottery treasured by spectators. The 15th-century printing press brought printed tickets, which evolved into detailed pieces with unique features to prevent counterfeiting. This significant leap in the history of ticketing laid the foundation for our continuous innovation in event access.

The Barcode Era: A Step Towards Digitalization

The barcode was introduced to streamline access and improve attendee management. Its implementation in ticketing was a significant advance, allowing organizers faster and more effective control. However, it soon became clear that this technology was not infallible, and with the increase in printing and reproduction capabilities, the ticketing industry needed a more secure and adaptable solution.

QR Codes: A Revolution in Event Access

The introduction of QR codes from 2012 marked a new era for event tickets. With their superior ability to store information and natural integration with mobile devices, these codes offered a safer and more comfortable experience for attendees. The simplicity of scanning a code from a smartphone transformed event entry, reducing queues and enhancing the overall user experience.


menta tech Innovations: Reinventing the Future of Ticketing

At menta tech, we not only observed this evolution, we became one of its main architects. We have pioneered the integration of cutting-edge technologies to improve every aspect of ticketing. From systems that enable more effective resale control to tools that ensure the authenticity of every ticket, we are redefining what it means to "attend an event." Thanks to integrations like TicketShield, box offices are able to move to the next level of ticketing evolution. The same QR codes as always, but with a lock that prevents screen captures and resale.

Every step we take is user-centered. At menta tech, we understand that the experience of purchasing and accessing an event is as important as the event itself. Being left outside an event because the ticket you bought on a resale page or social network is fake or already used can be one of the worst experiences for anyone. Therefore, our solutions are designed to be intuitive, secure, and accessible, ensuring that from the first click to the last applause, users enjoy an unparalleled experience.

QR codes have been around for more than 25 years

In 1994, at Denso Wave, a Japanese multinational company mainly dedicated to automotive components, Masahiro Hara, an engineer, was convinced that he had to solve some problems in his production sites, , therefore the QR code was born..

Factors like COVID-19 have meant that, more than 25 years since their creation, QR codes are now used more than ever at all levels. Today we take advantage of this technology in areas such as restaurant menus, brochures, fintech, payments, and of course, ticketing. The implementation of QR code tickets has been a very interesting development for the entertainment industry.

Security and Trust: Priorities in the Digital Age

In a world where ticket resale can be as damaging as counterfeiting, at menta tech we have established a series of strategies to ensure safe and legitimate transactions. We promote "fair resale" through SuperSwap, an integration that enables ticket sellers to own their own secondary marketplace. In this way, we ensure that the rights of consumers and event creators alike are respected, all while offering peace of mind and protection.

Beyond the QR Code: Emerging Trends and the Future of Ticketing

The future of ticketing is a blank page ready to be written with the most innovative ideas. At menta tech, we are actively exploring the use of technologies such as blockchain and NFTs to take security and exclusivity to new horizons. Our commitment to innovation promises a future where ticketing is more than just an entry, but an expanded and enriching experience.

menta tech and the Horizon of Ticketing

The evolution of ticketing is a narrative of adaptation and advancement, and at menta tech, we are at the forefront of this story, writing the next chapters with boldness and vision. With each innovation, we respond to the current needs of the entertainment industry and anticipate future trends, ensuring that each event is accessible, secure, and memorable.


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