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Your own secondary market, inside your ticketing platform

Our integration provides your ticketing platform with a unique secondary marketplace per event. Users will be able to buy and sell tickets from each other anonymously and securely, directly within your platform. Maximize your profitability and trust with your users.

Plug and play solution

Focus on what is important, do not worry about payments, collections, reimbursements, tax receipts, regulations and everything associated with the operation of the secondary market. We comply with the rules of all Latin America.

Total control

Dominate the secondary market. Set your own rules: define maximum and minimum prices, control the amount of sales per user, event or ticket type. Take control and customize your marketplace to suit your needs.

Keep your brand visible at all times

An invisible infrastructure, allowing each event to have its own personalized marketplace, without users feeling that they are leaving your platform.

Your secondary market, your rules

A new revenue stream

Earn commissions from the secondary market and increase your profitability.

Get to know your users better

Tickets can be shared among friends and family for added security.

Logo Ticket Shield, integración de menta tech que transforma los boletos de las boleteras en inteligentes.

Integrate TicketShield for free

TicketShield is activated in conjunction with SuperSwap to ensure security and compliance of the secondary market.

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Control your tickets

Maximum distribution

Are you ready?

If you are ready to give your ticketing platform superpowers get in touch with us. We'll be able to answer all of your questions and you'll increase the profitability and security of your ticketing platform, today.