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Your secondary market,
your rules

Take full control of the secondary ticket market to open new revenue streams. menta allows you to regulate and authenticate each transaction, maximizing profitability and user confidence.

A new revenue stream

Earn commissions from the secondary market and increase your profitability.


Tickets may only be shared among friends and family for security purposes.

Total control

The secondary market is no longer out of control. You will be able to set your own rules.

Capture more and better quality data

Tickets can be shared among friends and family for added security.

Ilustración de megáfono haciendo referencia a difusión y marketing en menta tech

Spread the word with a sales link  to increase the reach of your website.

Ilustración de flexibilidad de las integraciones de menta tech, y como cada uno le puede dar forma a su mercado secundario

Each event will have its own customizable secondary market to suit its image.

Ilustración haciendo referenacia a la modularización de las integraciones de menta tech. Mercado secundario

A complete modular solution

It can include payment processing, sending transactional emails, tax receipts and refunds. menta can handle all of this and more.

Logo Ticket Shield, integración de menta tech que aumenta la seguridad y robustez de los tickets de boleteras

Integrate TicketShield for free

TicketShield is activated in conjunction with SuperSwap to ensure security and compliance of the secondary market.

There are two ways to integrate SuperSwap:

1. Inside your current platform

Users can buy and sell their tickets from your system. Providing a simple, convenient and fast experience.

2. In third-party platforms

In case you do not want the operations of the new secondary market to happen within your own system, menta can give you the option to take them to another platform. Keeping all the benefits that superswap offers.

Other products

Control your tickets

Maximum distribution

Are you ready?

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