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9 de January, 2024

SuperSwap, your best ally for the unexpected

In the changing scenario of ticketing in LATAM, we face unexpected challenges that test the ability of ticketing companies to adapt and respond.


Imagen ilustrando como menta tech con superswap ayuda a resolver problemas de reprogramaciones de eventos.

In the changing scenario of ticketing in LATAM, we face unexpected challenges that test the ability of ticketing companies to adapt and respond. Recently, significant events have highlighted the importance of having flexible and secure solutions when facing uncontrollable factors in the world of entertainment. This article explores these challenges and presents how SuperSwap stands out as an innovative solution.

Recent ticketing challenges in LATAM

November has been a particularly tumultuous month in LATAM. From massive event rescheduling to critical situations, organizers and attendees have faced a variety of problems. Take Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, for example.


A concert by Luis Miguel at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium had to be relocated as the stadium's home team qualified for the quarterfinals of the MX league. The club's directors chose not to compromise the playing field with Luis Miguel's shows. The lack of clarity about capacity, spaces and seating arrangements at the new venue generated uncertainty among attendees.


A more serious incident occurred during one of Taylor Swift's concerts, where the tragic death of a fan due to high temperatures led to the rescheduling of the next day's event. This situation highlighted the need for ticketing systems that could adapt quickly to critical changes, offering solutions to both organizers and affected attendees.


Mensaje de Taylor Swift en redes sociales comunicando el cambio de fecha de su evento en brasil por la muerte de un fan en 2023.

Taylor Swift's concert in Buenos Aires became a case study. Two events were initially scheduled, one for Friday and the other for Saturday. Due to a torrential rainstorm on Friday before and during the time of the event, the event had to be postponed to Sunday. This decision triggered a series of complications for attendees, many of whom had traveled to Buenos Aires exclusively for the concert. The rescheduling from Friday to Sunday generated a significant increase in the resale of tickets through unofficial and insecure channels.

menta tech innovation and solution

Faced with these challenges, menta tech offers SuperSwap, a tool that redefines ticketing management in unexpected situations.

SuperSwap functionality:

This tool allows menta tech integrated ticketing users to resell their tickets securely and efficiently within menta tech. In situations such as event rescheduling, SuperSwap becomes a lifesaver, transforming a logistical problem into a fair and controlled resale opportunity.

Unexpected change management:

SuperSwap makes it easy to adapt to last minute changes, such as the Taylor Swift and Luis Miguel concerts. It provides a section within the box office where purchased tickets can be securely resold, ensuring that users do not lose their money and that organizers keep their events full of people.

It is important to give users the ability to turn in their ticket, receiving the money rather than a friction-filled refund that often takes a long time to be credited to their respective accounts. SuperSwap reduces the customer service workload of ticketing companies by offering a quick resale option, creating monetization opportunities with an integrated secure secondary market.

How does SuperSwap impact on Ticketing?

SuperSwap is not just a tool, it is a paradigm shift in LATAM ticketing. Its ability to adapt to unforeseen situations offers a new perspective in event management.

Optimizing a dynamic market: Where user plan changes are constant, a secondary market like SuperSwap allows users to have more independence with their ticketing and decisions.

Increased user satisfaction By providing a safe and reliable alternative for the resale of tickets, the user experience is sustainably improved, generating trust and loyalty towards the box office.

Contribution to a healthier event ecosystem:: Helping to create a fairer and more transparent ticketing environment, where users control and secure their transactions, is very important in a world where trust comes at a very high price.

Fans de Taylor Swift enojadas por una mala gestión de ticketing.

Industry priorities and leadership

November 2023 events in Mexico and other countries highlight the need for innovative solutions like SuperSwap. In an unpredictable world, having menta tech as an ally is crucial for the ticketing market, offering security, flexibility and confidence.

If you're looking to lead with innovation, contact us contact us to explore how our solutions can empower your ticketing platform.

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