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About Us

Working for the future of ticketing

Aware of the negative experiences that exist in the entertainment industry, we do not wait, instead we proactively develop effective solutions to tackle problems that affect the entire value chain.


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About us

With a solid background of more than a decade in the entertainment world, our executives excel in a variety of roles, from composers and musicians to executive producers and computer engineers.


Art & technology

At menta, we merge artistic passion with technological mastery, creating an environment where creativity and technology combine to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is to power tomorrow's entertainment, leveraging our experience and skills to ticketing companies to the next level.

Countering fraud

In this scenario, Iñaki, together with his brother and a friend (both engineers), created menta tech, a company whose first objective is to combat fraudulent activities in the resale of tickets, an uncontrolled secondary market and the distribution of counterfeit tickets.


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The team behind menta


Iñaki Sanchez Lopez

Co-Founder & CEO


Anselmo Sanchez Lopez

Co-Founder & CPO


Tomás Cazes

Co-Founder & CMO


Tomás Burrieza



Juan Pablo Santa María



Manuela Cavallo

Head of Product

Do you have questions?​

We are a company that provides modular technological solutions to ticketing companies so that they can offer new functionalities and benefits to their own customers.

We offer 3 products: TicketShield, SuperSwap and GDS. Each one gives you different superpowers. For everything else, checkout our network services :)

The average time is 5 days.

Network Services is a group of allies that can help you with any other needs you have that we cannot cover.

Each ticketing platform is a world of its own, therefore we offer different types of business models so that you don't think twice about integrating menta.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to give your ticketing platform superpowers get in touch with us. We'll be able to answer all of your questions and you'll increase the profitability and security of your ticketing platform, today.